Committees of the WVBHPC

Committee work of the West Virginia Behavioral Health Planning Council revolves around the four primary strategies of the Council:

(1) Data-Informed Decision Making
Goal: Implement an integrated approach for the collection, analysis, interpretation and use of data to inform planning, allocation and monitoring of the West Virginia behavioral health system.

(2) System-wide infrastructure development
Goal: Build the capacity and competency of West Virginia’s behavioral health workforce and other stakeholders to effectively plan, implement, and sustain comprehensive, culturally relevant services

(3) Building a comprehensive and competent continuum of care targeting services to the following populations: a) children with SED and their families, b) adults with SMI, c) persons at risk of developing substance use or mental health disorders, and d) at risk populations and those requiring services. 
Goal: Increase access to a continuum of culturally and linguistically competent, integrated behavioral health prevention /promotion, early identification, treatment and recovery services that are high quality and person-centered.

(4) Fiscal accountability
Goal: Manage resources effectively by promoting good stewardship and further development of the West Virginia behavioral health services delivery system. For more information on the committees, including volunteering to assist in achieving the stated goals, please contact the Council Chair or Vice Chair.


The WV Behavioral Health Planning Council is comprised of the following committees:

Executive Committee
Membership Committee
Children and Families Services Committee
Adult Services Committee
Housing Committee

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