About the Council

The West Virginia Behavioral Health Planning Council (WVBHPC) is a unified voice that promotes wellness, recovery, and resiliency for all West Virginians. The primary purpose of the WVBHPC is to advocate for and evaluate the provision of community-based behavioral health services.

The WVBHPC has four primary goals:

  • Implement an integrated approach for the collection, analysis, interpretation, and use of data to inform planning, allocation, and monitoring of the West Virginia behavioral health service delivery system;
  • Build the capacity and competency of West Virginia’s behavioral health workforce and other stakeholders to effectively plan, implement, and sustain comprehensive, culturally relevant services;
  • Increase access to a continuum of culturally and linguistically competent, integrated behavioral health prevention /promotion, early identification, treatment and recovery services that are high quality and person-centered; and
  • Manage resources effectively by promoting good stewardship and further development of the West Virginia behavioral health service delivery system.

Click here to download the WVBHPC Bylaws.

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